How an environmental rating report can change the world

When managing a fleet of company vehicles it can sometimes be hard to pay proper attention to such factors as environmental performance and carbon emissions.

After all, with more pressing matters such as reducing fleet expenses and improving vehicle safety to consider, who has time to be analysing the environmental performance of a company fleet?

But the truth is that environmental performance should be a serious consideration for any fleet manager who wants to do their part to reduce the impact of climate change and ensure a brighter future for all Australians.

Reviewing environmental performance rating reports for each of your fleet vehicles can be made incredibly easy as well when you invest in third party fleet services.

Good fleet services providers will be able to offer environmental performance ratings reports for each vehicle in your organisation's fleet, meaning there really is no excuse not to take greenhouse emissions into account.

Should these reports reveal that certain vehicles are not performing in an environmentally friendly manner, fleet services can also assist in disposing of these vehicles and procuring newer, more environmentally friendly green cars.

Not only are these green cars better for the environment, they are also often capable of reducing overall fuel consumption and therefore minimising petrol expenses for your fleet.

Remember that it is the responsibility of every Australian organisation to do its part to help reduce environmental impact and minimise the effect of climate change.

According to a report from the Australian Climate Commission earlier this year, the summer of 2012/13 was the hottest ever recorded in this country.

Furthermore, more than 70 per cent of Australia experienced an extreme temperature at least once during the heatwave of December and January.

Statistics like that highlight the fact that man made pollution is having a tangible and undeniable impact on the climate of Australia, and that the time to act is now.

You can help do your part by investing in a fleet services provider which offers unique environmental performance ratings reports for each vehicle in your fleet.