How green are your cars? Pay attention to the facts

One of the most interesting developments in the automotive industry lately has been the rise of clean, energy-efficient cars. Now that consumers are more conscious about their fuel consumption and carbon footprint, automakers have responded by manufacturing greener cars.

The more drivers you have on your staff, the more you stand to benefit from investing in greener cars.

The effect is twofold - not only are drivers treating the environment better than ever before, but they're also saving money at the petrol station.

This is good news for any driver, but it's even better for fleet managers who coordinate entire teams of road warriors. The more drivers you have on your staff, the more you stand to benefit from investing in greener cars.

Fuel consumption data is widely available

The great thing about managing a fleet in 2016 is that today, we have no shortage of available data we can use to make decisions about vehicles. Information about car fuel consumption is easy to come by. According to the Green Vehicle Guide published by the Australian government, vehicles since April 2009 have come with labels that give their urban, extra-urban and combined fuel economy along with CO2 emission rates.

Fleet managers today have the ability to incorporate this knowledge into their big-picture decision making. As a result, they can devise strategies that benefit both their bottom lines and the planet.

Better cars, better drivers

In general terms, there are two ways that businesses can lessen their carbon footprint through changing their driving strategies. Those two ways are green cars and green drivers.

Even larger vehicles are now available in hybrid models.Even larger vehicles are now available in hybrid models.

There are hybrid vehicles on the market today that use significantly less fuel than previous models, and they come now in all varieties including simple two-door cars, luxury sedans and SUVs. All of the above can have an environmental impact.

But just as important, drivers should adjust their approach on the road, and it will affect their fuel economy. Avoiding excessive starting, stopping and acceleration can help.

Smartfleet can help drive decision-making

From a managerial perspective, it's crucial to have a way of overseeing the entire process and ensuring that the whole team is doing its part to improve environmentally. This is a chance for fleet management software to shine. If you have the right software on your side, it's easy to keep a watchful eye on your team's progress.

This is where Smartfleet comes in. Smartfleet offers a product that enables accurate, real-time collection and analysis of key data. As a result, you'll always be aware of how your drivers are performing and where you have room for improvement. There's no better solution on the market today.