How to maximise vehicle utilisation in your fleet

As with all aspects of business, good fleet management is all about making the most out of the resources available to you in order to minimise expenses and improve productivity.

That is why if you are a fleet manager currently aiming to improve the efficiency of vehicle utilisation in your organisation, it may be worthwhile investing in an intelligent Pool Vehicle Booking solution.

With a Pool Vehicle Booking system at your disposal, you will be able to quickly and easily identify various areas where inefficiencies are occurring in your fleet and where improvements might be made.

For example, if your organisation does not currently have enough vehicles available to ensure that drivers are able to access transportation when and where they need it, a Pool Vehicle Booking system will highlight this fact.

From there you might consider procuring more vehicles in order to ensure that employees are on the road when they need to be.

Alternatively, if your organisation has too many cars available, a Pool Vehicle Booking system will indicate that vehicle disposal may be necessary.

This will not only lead to an initial revenue boost due to the resale income of the disposed vehicle, it will also save you money in the long run due to reduced maintenance and servicing costs.

A pool booking system also allows your organisation to set priority rankings on individual vehicles, which ensures that only the most efficient or recently serviced automobiles are being utilised at any given time.

You might also choose to spread the allocation of your company vehicles more evenly across the entire fleet to ensure that one vehicle does not become more worn out than others.

Furthermore, a Pool Booking System can also offer security advantages in terms of ensuring that a comprehensive record of all vehicle bookings is maintained at all times.

Add this to the sheer productivity benefits garnered through the flexibility and 24/7 accessibility of the solution, and it becomes clear just how great an ROI an intelligent Pool Booking System can offer.