How a New Year's resolution can make you a better fleet manager

New year's resolutions aren't limited to personal concerns. In fact, many Australian businesses and fleet managers would do well to take the opportunity to set goals for 2016 now. 

Whether it involves acquiring new vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance, or a telematics software solution to better monitor drivers, the much-needed Christmas break provides the perfect time to review the way a fleet operates. 

Nielsen Research recently published a list of the most popular New Year's resolutions for the coming holiday period. While the organisation was investigating these trends from a personal perspective, it's amazing how many are also valuable lessons for businesses. 

Stay fit and healthy with better fleet maintenance

37 per cent of people plan to stay fit and healthy throughout 2016.

According to Nielsen Research, the number one New Year's resolution is to stay fit and healthy, with 37 per cent of respondents indicating this goal will lead them through 2016. 

Of course, it's not just people that need to keep on top of their health. A fleet depends on the quality of its vehicles, and unscheduled fleet maintenance due to out-of-date cars can come with a range of negative effects. 

With a number of drivers likely to take time off over the coming weeks, it's the perfect time to schedule maintenance checks for any unattended vehicles. 

Spend less on your fleet and save more

Few will be surprised that one quarter of the survey's respondents have pledged to spend less and save more. It's more than just a good lesson for fleet managers' personal lives, especially given the cost of operating a whole collection of vehicles. 

According to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the average annual cost of running a vehicle in Australian is just over $3,800. Multiplied over the rest of the fleet, the expenses can quickly add up. 

Thankfully, there are a number of variable costs that fleet managers can change. By buying new green cars with hybrid engines, organisations can greatly reduce the amount of fuel they consume and save money in the process. 

Fleet costs can stack up quickly. Fleet costs can stack up quickly.

Learn new fleet management techniques

Nielsen Research discovered that 14 per cent of people want to learn something new for 2016. For fleet managers, there are a range of tips and tricks they could learn to improve the way they operate. 

There's also the many evolving automotive trends to keep track of, such as the fact that hydrogen cars are being trialled in Australia. With these vehicles likely to be a much-publicised competitor to electric cars, it's important that fleet managers keep on top of these trends as they develop.