How to reduce fleet costs

People tend to forget that there's much more to owning and maintaining a fleet than simply purchasing the cars to fill it. Here are a few tips on how you can reduce your costs, improve the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of your fleet.

Regular maintenance

Opting to buy new rather than used cars for your fleet may be more expensive in the short term, but newer cars will require a lot less maintenance than older ones in the long run. The older the cars in your fleet get, the more it will cost to maintain and keep them in tip-top condition.

Smartfleet's fleet software offers comprehensive reporting services that will help you to keep track of when your fleets are being serviced and how much these services cost.

Vehicle expense reports can show you which cars are costing you more when it comes to maintenance.

These reports can help you to decide when its time to dispose of old, money-draining vehicles and opt for new ones.

Being FBT aware

You can use our FBT module to decide which tax method (Operating Coast or the Statutory Formula) will ensure you're paying as little FBT per car as possible.

The module basically performs all of the necessary calculations for every car in your fleet and lets you know not only where FBT savings can be made, but also which cars are likely to cost you more or less tax.

Monitoring fuel efficiency

Fuel is and always has been one of the major expenses associated with owning a fleet. When choosing cars for your fleet, you can help to save both money and the environment by opting for more fuel-efficient models.

Fleet management software from Smartfleet also offers fuel consumption reports, so you can see which vehicles are creating larger carbon footprints than others.

This will help you to make smarter and more environmentally friendly decisions when it comes to picking cars for your fleet in future.