How to save on vehicle procurement

For any organisation that operates a fleet of company cars, procurement and disposal of vehicles can be a complicated and frustrating experience.

Not only is it necessary to carefully evaluate each vehicle in terms of its engineering quality and overall rate of fuel consumption, but it is also important to make sure that your enterprise is getting the best value at purchase time.

Poor judgement during the process of vehicle procurement can be particularly expensive, due to the extra costs incurred in the fleet over time.

However there is an easier way to manage vehicle procurement and disposal in your organisation, whilst at the same time saving money and improving internal productivity as well.

Outsourcing your fleet procurement to an experienced third party fleet services provider allows your organisation to sit back and relax, knowing that all the fine details are being taken care of.

A respectable fleet services provider will be able to calculate a detailed Whole of Life cost of each vehicle, analysing it in terms of initial price, ongoing registration costs, fuel usage, servicing and maintenance expenses and the estimated resale value as well.

With this figure in hand, it is possible to easily weigh up the various options available to your organisation and select the vehicle make and model that best suits your requirements.

Next, a fleet services provider can create a competitive tendering environment that sees multiple dealers and suppliers submitting separate bids for your organisation's business.

It is then a simple matter of selecting the provider who offers the best value to your enterprise.

Overall, vehicle procurement can be made easier than you ever thought possible through outsourcing - and the best part is that your senior-level decision makers will be free to redirect their attention to more beneficial tasks.