How Smartfleet's reporting can help your business

As a fleet manager, it is likely that your job keeps you on your toes most of the time. Whether you're monitoring your fleet's fuel consumption or checking which vehicles need servicing, there won't be a minute to spare during your day.

Smartfleet's fleet management software can help ease the stress with its array of simple but highly informative reports. With real-time, customisable information at your fingertips, we can help streamline your entire fleet management program and keep your costs down.

And best of all, it's all done online on a clutter-free interface, and the reports can be fully downloaded onto your computer for future reference.

Here are the four types of report that Smartfleet offers to support your business:

Performance Dashboards

Our performance dashboards offer a visual representation of the key aspects of your fleet, highlighting any areas for improvement and making them visible with a single glance.

Key metrics such as fleet expenses, fuel, registration, and servicing and maintenance are assessed and collated to provide an overall score of your fleet's performance.

Vehicle Utilisation Reports

Our up-to-the-minute utilisation reports will allow you to assess how each individual vehicle in your fleet is performing. You will be able to track your fleet's movements, calculating the kilometres covered and associated costs.

You will also be able to determine whether your fleet is the right size, and reduce costs by disposing of any unnecessary vehicles.

Exception reporting

Smartfleet can set benchmarks and KPIs for your company, whether it is through consultation or by examining industry standards.

Our exception reports will alert you to any vehicles that aren’t meeting standards, such as fuel consumption or kilometres travelled, allowing you to make immediate changes and save on costs.

Environmental Rating Reports

There is increasing pressure on fleet managers to ensure that they are reducing their carbon footprint.

This is where our environmental rating reports can step in and analyse the environmental performance of each vehicle in your fleet, to ensure your company remains as green as possible.