Hybrid vehicles a more viable fleet solution

What are your biggest concerns as a fleet manager? Perhaps the safety of your drivers keeps you up at night; or the risk of high maintenance bills to cope with faulty vehicles.

With fuel bills growing steadily higher, it is not just motorists who are feeling the pinch. In fact, businesses that run a fleet of cars are most likely to get struck with extra costs. After all, if fuel rises by 2 cent a litre, it's annoying as a car owner. If you run 10 vehicles in your fleet, that suddenly becomes 20 cents per litre, and more planning will be needed to make efficiencies elsewhere.

It's no wonder, then, that more people are finding green cars a more viable solution to their personal and business fuel issues. Both hybrid and electric vehicles are busting the old trend that they are for a certain type of user and creating a new audience among cost-conscious consumers.

This is the latest from Roy Morgan Research, whose findings this month suggests that hybrid cars are no longer for "greenies" but savvy managers.

For the first time since 2008, there has been a rise in the number of people who would consider a green car over a petrol or diesel equivalent. In fact, an extra 21,000 Aussies are now contemplating a hybrid vehicle as their next car purchase compared to research from the same month last year.

More than 2,258,000 Australians are planning to buy a car within the next four years, and almost half (46 per cent) say they would "seriously consider buying a hybrid vehicle", Roy Morgan Research discovered.

This is a rise of almost 3 percentage points on last year, when 43.6 per cent said they would contemplate the same purchase.

Surprisingly, the popular Toyota Prius model did not top the list of most desirable purchase, despite the manufacturer being the most popular among Australian consumers. It was Swedish-owned manufacturer Volvo that Aussies have taken to for their low-carbon demands.

Almost two-thirds (64.2) per cent of Volvo consumers had a hybrid vehicle on their shopping list, with Kia and Lexus owners not far behind. Mercedes-Benz owners were the least receptive to the idea, with just over one-quarter (28.7 per cent) saying they would make the change.

"With a growing variety of hybrid cars now on the market; ranging from the budget-friendly Toyota Prius C and Honda Jazz Hybrid, through to luxury models including the all new BMW i8, motorists have more opportunity than ever to choose a hybrid model manufactured by their preferred automotive make," Jordan Pakes, automotive industry director at Roy Morgan Research explained.

Are you considering buying hybrid models for your fleet, or simply looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption in the meantime? Get in touch to find out how.