If Santa was a fleet manager, which cars would he buy?

While a number of fleet managers around the country have their own unique requirements for vehicles, few are as demanding as the jolly man in red himself. 

After all, regular fleet drivers have the whole year to get their job done, Santa has just one night. Not only do the vehicles of the yuletide fleet need to be fast enough to traverse the globe, they also need the necessary cargo capacity to transport enough presents for well-behaved children worldwide. 

Reindeers may have performed the job reasonably well since the legend was born, but is it time for Santa to splash out? What would he even drive?

Based on the requirement for something that has to be fast, yet practical, here's what we've come up with. 

1. Audi RS6 Avant - More power than a fleet of reindeer

The four-wheel drive system means it'll be right at home at the North Pole

Few cars embody the criteria outlined above like the latest Audi RS6 Avant, with the German wagon providing everything one would expect at the world's most demanding courier service. 

Not only does it have the space to carry a fair amount of presents - Avant basically translates to station wagon - the V8 under the hood ensures everything will be delivered on time. 

On top of this, Audi's world-leading Quattro four-wheel drive system means it'll be right at home at the North Pole. 

2. Volvo XC90 T8 - Efficiency meets practicality

With the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries reporting that SUV sales are on the rise, it's only natural that Santa will want to follow suit. As his past transport (his reindeer) released zero emissions, he'll likely be in the market for green cars

The XC90 T8 is an important development for the SUV market, with the hybrid powertrain matching practicality with fuel efficiency. Volvo's stellar reputation when it comes to safety will also be important when Santa sets off, and fleet managers who frequently deal with tricky conditions would do well to follow his lead. 

Santa needs a vehicle that will keep him safe in the snow. Santa needs a vehicle that will keep him safe in the snow.

3. Ferrari FF - The first sensible supercar?

If Santa wants to continue the whole red and white aesthetic he may as well get a Ferrari. While older models were certainly fast enough to make the Christmas run, few would have space for presents. 

Enter the Ferrari FF, possibly the most practical vehicle to ever wear the prancing horse badge. Sporting an extended boot, space for four passengers and four wheel drive, it's the perfect option for Santa's fleet. 

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