The importance of performing regular licence checks

Every fleet manager in Australia should know the importance of ensuring the drivers they hire hold a valid Australian drivers licence.

However, recent figures from the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) show a pressing need for a crackdown on unlicensed driving.

The RACQ data reveals that an average of 107 motorists were caught driving without a licence every day between November 2013 and February 23. This equates to a massive 12,379 unlicensed drivers on the road.

RACQ General Executive Manager Paul Turner explains that these figures are particularly troubling as unlicensed and disqualified motorists are a significant danger to other road users.

"While it was encouraging to see a tougher stance on unlicensed driving, the number of motorists caught breaking these laws is alarming," Mr Turner said in a March 12 media release.

"These repeat offenders are often the most dangerous drivers on our roads and need to be kept off the roads for the safety of other motorists."

The RACQ figures also show more than 4,000 motorists were caught behind the wheel of an unregistered and uninsured car during the same timeframe.

"If you don't have compulsory third party insurance you could be exposing yourself to enormous financial liability if as an at-fault driver you injure another road user," Mr Turner said.

Fleet managers across Australia should take notice of these troubling statistics as they only represent the drivers who were caught - further unlicensed driving could be occurring at a much higher rate.

If an individual was to have their licence revoked or disqualified during their personal time, it is possible that they could return to work to drive in your fleet without sharing their circumstances.

To avoid this occurring in your fleet, it is important to perform regular licence checks. This includes viewing the licence in person and speaking with each driver about the importance of following the road rules at all times - even outside of work hours.