The importance of professional vehicle maintenance

Many Australians enjoy tinkering with their vehicles. However, that doesn't mean they value regular, professional vehicle maintenance as less important, a recent study shows.

Fleet managers working with tight budgets and tighter resources could find it tempting to fix small problems themselves, though even the most mechanically minded Aussies trust the skills of a professional over their own.

A study this month by Roy Morgan Research showed that 'backyard mechanics' all over the country are finding themselves under the hood. A significant 16 per cent of Australians have worked on a car sometime in any three-month period in the year leading up to June 2014.

What may be surprising is that these hobby mechanics also understand the value of professional maintenance. Almost one-third (29 per cent) of amateur enthusiasts are more likely to take their vehicle for regular servicing, compared to less than one-fifth (19 per cent) of the total population.

Warren Reid, group accounts director at Roy Morgan Research, said the figures seem surprising at first, until you think about it.

"Whereas 24 per cent of the total population agree with the statement, 'I regard myself as a bit of a car enthusiast', this figure jumps to 56 per cent of people who work on their cars at home," he said.

"While these 'revheads' obviously enjoy a bit of backyard tinkering, they would still rely on the professionals to do the serious work, keep their service schedules up to date and their beloved vehicle performing to its maximum capacity."

This is even more important for businesses, where having a complete fleet maintenance program plays a big part in health and safety.

While attempting to fix vehicle problems in-house may be a temptation to those with some mechanical knowledge, it could leave the business open to employee and public liability if anything goes wrong.

For those short on time and resources, Smartfleet's service and maintenance management program takes the hassle out of running a fleet and keeping it in the safest possible condition.