Importance of regular fleet service and maintenance highlighted

A recent case of poor fleet management and maintenance has been highlighted by VicRoads.

In relation to a series of mechanical inspections in late 2013, a heavy vehicle fleet company has had 67 charges laid against them for operating unsafe vehicles. The company voluntarily took its entire fleet off the road last October after VicRoads and Victoria Police issued 139 major defect notices for safety breaches.

Each charge carries a maximum fine of $1,443.60 for the fleet company in question.

According to VicRoads, there are more than 40,000 random roadside checks for fleets each year in the state and each inspection is recorded and analysed by authorities.

VicRoads Director of Regulatory Services Richard Bell explained that this case should highlight the need for fleets to regularly have services and maintenance checks completed.

"We have a very targeted and state wide view on heavy vehicle safety," he said.

"If we have any concerns about the maintenance procedures of a heavy vehicle company, we will be attending the depot for a wider audit."

Mr Bell said that each roadside or audit check is thorough so fleet managers need to understand the importance of safe vehicles.

"We also have a team of specialised mechanics that are able to inspect a truck or trailer for underlying mechanical faults that may not be picked up visually," he concluded.

How can fleet management software help?

To be up-to-date with services and maintenance work on fleet vehicles, it is recommended to invest in fleet software.

There are many benefits to having this aspect managed which include:

  • Full review of fleet vehicles and advice on potential safety issues
  • Records of fleet services recorded and reviewed to maintain standards and ensure work is done on time and on the right vehicle
  • Repairs and maintenance completed in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and warranty requirements
  • Regular emails to fleet drivers reminding them of service dates and important timelines
  • One full service invoice each month to cover all service and maintenance