Importance of trusted fleet maintenance services highlighted

Mercedes-Benz have this week highlighted the importance of car insurance companies using genuine parts and approved repair teams.

Mercedes' senior manager of corporate communications David McCarthy said the amount of repairs made that aren't up to scratch and using counterfeit parts is too high in Australia.

"The use of non-genuine parts and the way they are fitted is the greatest threat to road safety and road trauma that we as a community face," he said.

"All they are interested in are repairing a car to look good. They are not preparing the car for the next accident." 

These comments would be of note to any fleet manager in Australia that has maintenance regularly done on their fleet vehicles. It also shows fleets should invest in professional management software that can help owners to know when a service is due and trust the best parts are used.

Although counterfeit parts imported from China and Eastern Europe is not new, there has been little research done on comparing whether the parts pose an increased safety risk to drivers. 

Mr McCarthy told Fairfax Media the parts are often heavier and prone to break. In an example he gave, a genuine aluminium Mercedes-Benz bonnet weighing 13 kg was replaced with 28 kg steel one at half the cost.

He defended his own company saying it was about protecting Australian motorists.

"There are hundreds of thousands of vehicles that are repaired in Australia every year, and a very large, growing percentage of those are going back onto the road unsafe," he said.

For fleets wanting to steer clear of counterfeit parts, installing fleet management software is a solution. Fleet managers know that services and repairs are done in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines and can trust their fleet drivers are safe out on the road.