Improve the performance of your fleet with tyre maintenance

For any fleet manager concerned about the performance and safety of their company vehicles, the importance of good tyre maintenance should not be underestimated.

On any given vehicle, the tyres will usually serve as the only point of contact with the road and therefore play a huge part in determining how safe and efficient that vehicle is.

Here are three key reasons why you may want to book your fleet in for fleet maintenance in the near future, to ensure that the tyres are in good, safe condition.

Loss of efficiency

Poorly maintained, under inflated tyres can lead to an increase in fuel consumption, due to the increased surface area making contact with the road.

This means that the vehicle will be required to burn more fuel, and will therefore consume more petrol than if the tyres were in good condition.

The other side of this is that poorly maintained tyres will also cause vehicles to emit more carbon pollution into the air, so keeping your tyres in good condition is also important from an environmental point of view as well.

Increased risk of accidents

Poorly maintained tyres can lead to an increase in stopping distance and even loss of traction in wet weather or otherwise dangerous conditions.

This is especially important to keep in mind during the winter months, when rain and poor visibility can make driving treacherous even for well-maintained vehicles.

By ensuring that your vehicle's tyres are maintained to the manufacturer's specifications, you can therefore reduce the risk that your drivers will get into an accident.

Potential penalties and fines

In all states, the Australian Police are constantly on the lookout for vehicles which are fitted with unsafe tyres.

This includes underinflated tyres as well as tyres which are bald or which have insufficient tread depth.

Fleet tyre maintenance can help you prevent this sort of wear and tear from occurring and help your fleet avoid potentially expensive fines and penalties from being accumulated.