Innovative technology streamlines fleet maintenance

Most fleet managers will know that there are many hurdles to overcome when it comes to organising timely and productive fleet maintenance.

Not only is it necessary to ensure that every vehicle in the fleet is being serviced at regular and safe intervals, but it is also a constant challenge to ensure that expenses related to replacement parts and labour costs are kept to a minimum.

Furthermore, it is often also a careful balancing act in terms of ensuring that enough cars are on the road at all times so that all drivers have access to an efficient and reliable vehicle.

Luckily there is technology available which can make this process much easier for everyone involved.

Top of the line fleet management software will offer a simple and intuitive service and maintenance module that can record, track and process all data regarding fleet maintenance.

By keeping a comprehensive digital record of any past and future servicing that has occurred, software for fleet management can help your organisation minimise unnecessary servicing all year round.

Automatic service reminder alerts will inform all relevant parties of the fact that it is time for an individual vehicle to be looked at by trained mechanics.

This means that no car will go without the proper maintenance that it needs to be running to manufacturer's specifications.

The benefits of this are numerous. Often you will find that the overall fuel consumption of your fleet decreases due to the fact that all cars are operating at their most efficient.

There will be fewer incidents of drivers breaking down and needing roadside assistance, and by ensuring that any potential mechanical faults are spotted as early as possible you will prevent them from compounding into larger issues.

All in all your fleet will be operating in a streamlined and productive manner, with a greater level of cost efficiency across the board.