It's electrifying: The benefits of a hybrid car

Environmentally conscious fleet managers will typically opt for green cars. The good news is more and more Australian consumers are turning to hybrid cars as their top choice for a vehicle. 

According to Roy Morgan research, 2014 saw the first year-on-year increase in hybrid car interest since 2008. Almost half (46 per cent) of Australians surveyed said they would seriously consider buying a hybrid car in the next four years. 

When taking into account the myriad benefits of a hybrid car, this is perhaps unsurprising. After all, hybrid cars are sustainable, stylish, safe and socially admired. 


Hybrid technology innovatively merges a conventional petrol engine with the much more sustainable energy source of an electric motor and battery pack. The fuel consumption is reduced because the electric engine is used during slow speeds, while the petrol is only used at high speeds. 

Better yet, hybrid cars usually have fewer CO2 emissions. Driving them has wider reaching benefits for improving air pollution. Moreover, the electrical energy allows a decreased use of fossil fuels, which are limited in supply. 


As car designers are becoming increasingly familiar with this new technology, so too are their skills in creating a stylish and sophisticated aesthetic for hybrid cars. The National Road and Motorists Association predicts hybrid cars will become mainstream in the near future, particularly once they start to look very similar to regular cars. 

Hybrid cars do not compromise on visual elegance. While they have slightly different exteriors to accommodate plug-ins, their overall sleek and modern lines make them look beautiful. 


Since hybrid cars are relatively new, their construction often complies with the latest safety features. Up-to-date technology and innovation on car safety can be incorporated into their structure. ANCAP has also awarded hybrid cars high ratings. For instance, the Toyota Prius received the highest honour of 5 stars. 

Socially admired

With the global trend of respecting the planet's resources and protecting our climate, active behaviour to help these goals is socially admired. Academics Jason D. Oliver and Seung‐Hee Lee conducted a cross-cultural study between the US and Korea on the social attitudes towards buying hybrid cars. Their study was published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing in 2010.

They found that the perceived social value associated with buying hybrid cars had a positive impact on why people went ahead with the purchase. They also found owning a hybrid car made people feel better about their self-image. Their research suggests hybrid cars help us feel like we are making a positive difference in the world. 

It is easy to become captivated and electrified by the wonderful benefits of hybrid cars. Consider managing a fleet of predominantly green cars to make the most of these benefits.