Keeping your fleet legally on the road

With a fleet managers role absorbed with logistics, fuel consumption and maintenance issues, it is easy to overlook simple necessities for your fleet.

One of the most important, but easiest to forget is vehicle registration and infringement management. Managers who believe the cost to maintain their fleet is high have likely not experienced the huge fines that are imposed for an unregistered or uninsured vehicle.

In February, the South Australian government increased penalties for drivers caught with insufficient paperwork. The fine for driving an unregistered vehicle rose from $335 to $1000 and an uninsured vehicle fine soared to $1500 from $616.

Other states are set to follow suit with unregistered vehicles littered on the country's roads.

It is then therefore a good idea for business owners to install fleet management software. This software allows managers the peace of mind of a fully automated registration solution.

Fleet software will alert the company 90 days before a registration expires and will record and track the whole process. Online authorisation is required for all payments so it is never completed without the business's consent.

If a car is to come out of service, then the company will still be able to reject the renewal online. A vehicle requiring a fleet maintenance check or inspection will be taken off the road with consent and consultation of the driver.

After the inspection, the management software will assist registration payment online for the convenience of the company.

In addition to this, any fines or warrants that accrue from speeding or running a red light can also be managed by the software system, with reminders sent to the company to avoid additional penalties and late fees.

Having your fleet on the road and out of fine trouble will ensure that business never slows down.