Latest fuel ratings reveal room for improvement

The results of the Royal Automobile Association's (RAA) latest Regional Fuel Rating are a concern to any fleet manager worried about rising fuel prices.

It is always difficult for businesses to control their fuel consumption, without retailers not passing on savings to fleets. Like previous months, August was no different, with the RAA unhappy with retailers too slow to react to market changes.

RAA Senior Analyst, Chris West explained while some towns continue to perform well, they are let down by a number of others.

"Many towns failed to pass on a recent 10cpl petrol wholesale price reduction to motorists in a comparable timeframe as when they pass on cost price increases," he said.

Port August reigned supreme over other regional towns for another month. It is important to note that in December 2013, the centre ranked 15th on the ratings list and is now a consistent top three performer.

"Port Augusta has again topped the charts due to its very competitive petrol prices and average diesel and LPG prices and continues to deserve its new reputation as a preferred refuelling hub for motorists travelling to the north and west of the State," Mr West stated.

Each town is given a rating for its fuel, LPG and diesel prices. A score above 3/5 indicates the town is selling at a fair and reasonable price to consumers.

Across South Australia, the overall ratings average dropped in August from 2.8/5 to a lowly 1.8/5. This illustrates that fleets need to shop around to get the best prices.

It is interesting to note that the podium is now rounded out by Kadina and Clare, which both moved up considerably (12th and 9th) since July.

Top five regional South Australian fuel ratings in August:

1. Port Augusta 3.7

2. Kadina 2.4

3. Clare 2.3

4. Tailem Bend 2.3

5. Loxton 2.2