Limiting fleet fuel consumption must be a complete team effort

One of the top priorities for any fleet manager is keeping fuel consumption to a minimum in order to optimise the company's budget. Petrol is one of the main expenses needed to operate a fleet of drivers on a daily basis. Keeping costs reasonably low can have a transformative effect on the financial health of an entire business.

Managing an entire fleet to be more efficient requires a systematic approach.

Many drivers try to develop fuel-efficient habits in their own personal lives, but those are only small-scale methods that won't necessarily translate to the business world. Managing an entire fleet to be more efficient requires a systematic approach.

Enforcing smart strategies across the board

When you're managing a fleet of drivers, one of your primary goals should be to keep costs under control for your organisation. This is why car fuel consumption is so important, as it's likely to be one of your top expenses.

Increasingly these days, according to Popular Mechanics, companies are using real-time analytics to track their vehicles' distance and fuel consumption at all times. Doing so can help managers identify trends and come up with strategies for optimisation.

For example, it's possible that better maintenance is the key to making improvements. Small changes like pumping more air into a car's tyres can make a big difference in terms of how much fuel it uses. Data can help reveal the potential for beneficial adjustments like this.

Coordinating efficient, fully optimised routes

The routes your drivers take, and their styles of driving those routes, can have a big impact when it comes to fuel.

Avoid idling and hit the open road.Avoid idling and hit the open road.

For example, consider what happens when you leave the engine idle. It doesn't stop functioning in this situation - it still uses fuel! According to research from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, unnecessary idling for one hour per day can lead to $189 per year in wasted fuel costs.

As a fleet manager, it's imperative to combat this issue. Adjusting schedules and routes to avoid traffic is a great countermeasure, as it reduces pointless idling and helps drivers get from point A to point B faster.

A software solution can transform your business

If you're looking for a way to gain complete visibility into how your fleet operates, it might be time to consider fleet management software. Smartfleet is proud to offer Australia's smartest tool for online fleet management. We have many tailored services available that can help your company become more intelligent and cost-effective.

When it comes to monitoring your drivers, Telematics is the tool you need. It short, it assesses how drivers drive - their speed, how they brake and so on, all of which contribute to fuel management. Our system features real-time, in-car alerts and can also be used to send instantaneous alerts from drivers back to their managers.

What you get from Smartfleet's solution is fast, accurate data reporting on a real-time basis. Whatever information you need about your fleet, it will now be available to you 24/7. From now on, you can make informed, shrewd decisions about the future of your fleet and your business.