London's black cabs go green

In a move that signifies the importance of zero-emission green cars, London Mayor Boris Johnson has unveiled the next-generation in London taxis.

He test-drove the brand new Range-Extended Electric Metrocab from UK-based Ective and its technology partner Frazer-Nash Research.

It is believed the car is a range-extended electric car that features a lithium-ion battery pack and an electric motor for each rear wheel.

The motors are more fuel efficient cars than the gas-guzzling models currently on London's roads with a fuel efficiency of 62 mpg (26 km per litre).

This new range of taxis is one of many green developments mayor Boris Johnson has created for the city in the past 10 years in order to cut back on central city pollution.

He is of course well known for the introduction of "Boris Bikes" or the bicycle-share program and the new London bus, which utilises a range-extended electric layout.

"By 2020, you will not be able to buy a non zero-emission cab in London,” Mark Tluszcz, managing partner at Mangrove Capital, an investor in Frazer-Nash's electric taxi, told the Financial Times' Henry Foy in a December 27 article.

This new range of taxis should be hitting London's roads at the start of 2014 and passengers will benefit not only from a reduction in emissions, but an improved ride complete with six passenger seats, full length panoramic glass house and a bigger boot in which to fit more luggage.

The new cars can also cater for disabled passengers.