Looking for food on the go?

A new iPhone app and mobile-optimised website that will make it easier for those driving your fleet's cars to find food when they're on the go has been launched by Eatability.

All Australians know that it's harder to concentrate when your stomach's rumbling.

Because concentration is key when you're behind the wheel, every good fleet manager knows that well-fed drivers are also safer ones.

Such technology will make life a little easier for you and your fleet's drivers - so will Smartfleet's software for fleet management.

This fleet software will allow you to keep all of the data pertaining to your fleet in one easy-to-navigate database.

That means you'll have all of the information you need to make important fleet management decisions right at your fingertips.

Those who use Eatability's app or access their website will have some useful data at their fingertips, too - one of Australia's most comprehensive local restaurant guides, to be exact.

Eatability's online community have contributed over 210,000 reviews to the website. The app is able to sort through these and highlight which restaurants are closest to the user. It can even recommend which type of cuisine has been deemed best in particular suburbs.

Celeste Ong, co-founder of Eatability, said her business's move to mobile is simply a case of getting supplies to meet demands.

"43 per cent of the Eatability community is accessing our site through mobile devices," Ms Ong revealed in a 26 June statement.

"This shows many of our users are looking for restaurant recommendations when they’re out and about."

She believes the new iPhone app and mobile-optimised website will give those driving in unfamiliar areas and feeling peckish a simple way to find and satisfy their appetites at the top local restaurants.

And, if those drivers want to help the rest of Australia get the best grub around, they can add their own reviews, ratings and even pictures to the website through their mobile devices.