Looking for a safe, high-tech car for your fleet?

Safety is undoubtedly one of the first considerations for any fleet manager looking for new vehicles, and fortunately modern cars are more robust than ever before.

Technological advancements mean cars are developing at rapid rates, and manufacturers are constantly coming up with new innovations in the safety stakes. This includes the rise of ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, that use the latest technology to keep drivers safe on the roads.

Global research firm ABI Research recently conducted its Competitive Assessment Study on the ADAS market, and unsurprisingly found the top-ranked manufacturers in ADAS were some of the biggest names in the industry. German automaker Mercedes-Benz took out the top spot, while European rivals Volvo and BMW followed close behind in second and third.

Car manufacturers were judged on two criteria - Implementation, which assessed to which extent these companies were fitting ADAS systems as standard, and Innovation, which looked at the range of new, innovative ADAS systems they offered.

Volvo came out on top for Implementation, largely thanks to the relatively high rate of ADAS-fitted vehicles it produced. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz scored highest for Innovation as it offered the latest range of ADAS features such as night vision.

ABI Research Principal Analyst Gareth Owen explained why the top-ranked manufacturers in its ADAS study were all luxury brands.

"While luxury brands such as BMW or Mercedes-Benz see sophisticated ADAS features as marketing tools which enhance their “safety-conscious” brand image, the strategy of mass-market OEMs such as Ford or Volkswagen has been to offer ADAS solutions only if there is sufficient consumer demand for them and providing the technology is affordable," he said in a January 14 statement.

However, he did suggest that a wider range of manufacturers were likely to offer ADAS systems in the future in order to stay competitive, which could be great news for fleet managers looking for safe, affordable vehicles boasting the latest technology.