LPG touted as long term solution

As a fleet manager, one of your main tasks is to keep a cap on the running costs of your fleet - whether it is fuel, insurance or servicing and maintenance.

And while falling petrol prices in recent months may have been a welcome relief to many, an industry organisation is urging fleet management professionals around the country to look for longer term solutions.

Despite a rising Australian dollar also making petrol cheaper for the time being, it is impossible to predict what trends the future may hold. For example, Gas Energy Australia pointed to the recent Geological Society of America meeting, which found that the depletion and exploitation of oil reserves was exceeding the rate of technological development.

As a result, it is deemed highly possible that oil prices will pick up again in the long term.

Gas Energy Australia went on to note that there were more sustainable options on offer, including "switching to alternate fuels such as LPG".

"Australia has 500,000 Autogas vehicles and all year LPG has been the cheapest fuel on the forecourt," Gas Energy Australia CEO Mike Carmody said in a November 1 statement.

"That means Autogas drivers have done far better than those using petrol or diesel."

Figures provided by Gas Energy Australia show that the average price of LPG in October was 77.9 cents per litre. This was significantly lower than unleaded petrol (147.7 cents per litre) and diesel (157.8 cents per litre).

The peak body for the LPG industry also remarked that Australia already has solid LPG infrastructure in place, with more than 3,700 service stations across the country offering LPG. Additionally, it said there are 2,000 businesses in Australia servicing LPG vehicles - great news for any fleet manager wishing to take up this trend.

The government is chipping in too, with its LPG Vehicle Scheme offering a variety of rebates for modifying cars to accommodate LPG.

Make fuel consumption worries a thing of the past - consider joining the LPG revolution today.