M5 South West Motorway to go cashless

The M5 South West Motorway in New South Wales will go cashless this year, with all toll payments being done electronically from July 1.

The announcement was made by roads minister Duncan Gay on March 4, and is intended to make using the motorway more efficient and convenient for drivers.

"From 1 July the M5 cash collection toll booths will no longer be in operation and motorists who use the motorway will need to ensure they use an active tolling product such as an electronic tag or pass when travelling on the motorway," explained Mr Gay.

"We will make this changeover to cashless tolling as seamless as possible and will work to minimize disruption to motorists."

As part of the Sydney Orbital Network, the M5 South West Motorway is considered a transportation route in the state and is used by around 125,000 motorists every day.

Mr Gay has noted that there will likely be changes in the conditions of the motorway due to the work required to convert the M5 to cashless tolling, and has advised motorists to be cautious and plan ahead when travelling via this road.

Fleet managers looking to make the process of paying for electronic toll payments easier - be it on the M5 or any of the many other toll roads that no longer accept cash in Australia - may want to look into the advantages of contracting a fleet services provider.

By uploading all toll files automatically for electronic tracking and reporting, a fleet management program can ensure that toll notices and e-tags are processed, paid and recorded in an efficient and streamlined manner.

This therefore frees up more time for fleet managers to get back to doing what they do best - identifying tangible improvements and delivering expense reductions for the organisation.

Transport NSW has advised drivers using the M5 South West Motorway to keep an eye out for variable Message Signs and fixed signage that will be used to inform them of any changes to traffic conditions during the electronic tolling system rollout.