Major road improvements planned across Australia

The federal government has announced a massive funding commitment to improve road and rail infrastructure across Australia, which should be encouraging news for any fleet manager across all states and territories.

In a February 28 statement, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss revealed $35.5 billion has been invested in major infrastructure projects across the country. This commitment comes as part of the Land Transport Infrastructure Amendment Bill.

"We are moving to deliver the infrastructure Australia critically needs through our $35.5 billion Infrastructure Investment Programme, which, over six years, will build the vital road and rail projects to improve efficiency, boost productivity and drive Australia's economy forward," Mr Truss explained.

Fleets that routinely operate in Queensland are expected to benefit significantly from improved road infrastructure thanks to government grants awarded under this bill.

Important roadway opportunities in Queensland receiving funding under this scheme include $6.7 billion invested in upgrades to the Bruce Highway, $5.6 billion to support the completion of the Pacific Highway, $1 billion to the Gateway Motorway North upgrade in Brisbane and $700 million committed to building the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing.

Other major projects supported across Australia include $1.5 billion to the WestConnex project in Sydney and the same amount invested in the East-West Link in Melbourne.

The government has also granted $1.75 billion of funding to the Roads to Recovery Programme - effectively extending its life by a further five years.

"Roads to Recovery provides vital funding to local governments for the maintenance of the nation's local road infrastructure," Mr Truss said.

"Australia's future growth and prosperity will be significantly influenced by our capacity to deliver more appropriate, efficient and effective infrastructure." 

This funding is expected to improve the quality of existing roads while also allowing more efficient and faster journeys between major centres, which should reduce fuel consumption and travel times for Australian fleets.