Mazda crowned most fuel efficient automotive manufacturer

With fleet managers around the country looking to cut costs in 2016, one of the best ways to ensure their vehicles are operating up to standard involves focusing on fuel-efficient cars, enabling them to save money and the environment. 

Fuel efficient ICEs can now rival hybrid alternatives.

Fleet managers in search of the perfect green cars have a range of options to consider. As automotive manufacturers compete to see whose vehicles can attain the best mileage, the country's drivers and businesses are the real winners. 

The range of options currently available to drivers includes everything from fuel-efficient internal combustion engines (ICE) to all-electric vehicles that offer zero emissions. Which one is right for the country's fleets?

Mazda takes top honours in the US

A recent report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US discovered that, while all manufacturers have improved their efficiency ratings over previous years, one is standing above the rest. 

Despite sporting a lineup that is low on hybrid and all-electric vehicles, Mazda has still been awarded the title of most fuel-efficient auto manufacturer in the US. The Japanese marque is giving credit to its Skyactiv engine range, a lineup of ICEs designed to balance efficiency and power. 

These results, which refer to the 2014 calendar year, mark the third time in a row the manufacturer has achieved this feat without offering hybrid options. While the title was awarded by a US agency, the engines responsible are installed in the Australian range, meaning fleet managers on both sides of the world have access to these green cars

Will you move away from petrol-powered cars in the future?Will you move away from petrol-powered cars in the future?

Is the ICE here to stay?

As Mazda recently proved that ICEs can be just as efficient as other alternatives on the market, does that mean people no longer need to consider hybrids and all-electric vehicles?

The answer is no, as while Mazda is topping the charts in terms of overall fleet, the same source revealed that electric and hybrid vehicles dominate the charts for the most efficient individual vehicles. 

In this case, most of the options include vehicles which either do away with ICEs altogether or have them fill supporting roles to charge electric motors or act as valuable backup. These vehicles include options like the Nissan Leaf, which can be charged at home or at a business and releases zero emissions. 

No matter which option businesses choose for their fleets, most new vehicles come with fuel-efficiency in mind, enabling fleet managers to drastically cut costs.