Mitsubishi Mirage: Cheapest to own and run

The National Roads and Motorists Association (NRMA)  has released their annual running costs report and the Mitsubishi Mirage has come out on top.

If you're an Australian fleet manager and you are thinking about replacing your fleet, the result of this survey might be of interest to you.

The mirage was found to cost the average owner $93.23 per week to run. The running cost was worked out by calculating the vehicle price, registration, fuel, repairs, servicing, insurance and depreciation over an average of 15,000 km per year for five years.

All aspects of car ownership should be taken into consideration when deciding which model to replace your fleet with.

The Mitsubishi Mirage boasts some other features fleet managers might be interested in such as the 5 star ANCAP rating, which is the highest rating, and a five year warranty.

The Mirage has six SRS airbags and ABS braking and has a greenhouse rating of five stars.

The Mirage has also received positive attention, winning Wheels magazine's gold star car award for the Light Car under $14,000 category.

On the flipside, the Mercedes C63 AMG Black series was the most expensive car, according to the report, which said it costs around  $1,500 per week to run. The high cost is mainly attributed to the high rate of depreciation.

If you are looking at replacing part of your fleet or adding a few new vehicles, the low fuel consumption of the Mitsubishi Mirage makes it a good option.

Fuel consumption for the Mirage will cost around 32.34 cents per kilometre, and the fuel bill makes up $22.57 of the overall running cost of $93.29.