Motor theft and your fleet

If you're a fleet manager, you'll know the vehicles driven by your staff are one of the most valuable assets owned by your business, so when they go missing it can result in a significant expense to your organisation.

In 2011-12, a massive 65,600 incidents of motor vehicle theft were reported across the country, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This includes privately and company-owned cars, as well as trucks, motor homes, buses and motorcycles.

While comprehensive business vehicle insurance may help with the replacement costs when these incidents occur, avoiding theft altogether may be a more proactive and efficient way to reduce fleet expenses.

Below is a list of three important safety tips that can help you and your drivers avoid motor vehicle theft in the future.

Park the car in a garage

If your driver takes the company car home for the night, recommend they park the vehicle in a locked garage after dark. When there is no access to a garage, park the car in an open space that is well-lit. This will deter thieves from breaking into the vehicle as their actions are more likely to be noticed.

Never leave a spare key near the vehicle

Many drivers who are worried about getting locked out of their car leave a spare key hidden under the car, just in case. Unfortunately, many car thieves know exactly where these 'clever' hiding spots are - so that will be the first place they look.

If your drivers feel they need access to a spare key, keep this locked up at work where you or someone else can keep an eye on it until it is needed.

Remove or hide items left in the car

When the car is going to be left unsupervised for any amount of time, drivers should remove any valuable items from sight. Taking these items with them is recommended, although hiding them may be enough to discourage any opportunistic thieves looking for a quick grab.