Motor Trade Association CEO warns lives are at risk due to unsafe vehicles

A leading member of the Motor Trade Association (MTA) has warned that many Australian drivers are putting lives at risk by delaying necessary car repairs due to budgetary restraints.

"The defects present are increasingly more severe and dangerous, and there are instances where the customer refuses to get the vehicle repaired to a safe standard," said MTA chief executive officer John Chapman, as reported by The Herald this morning (September 17).

"Safety is at risk and we urge motorists to have the items that have been marked by your repairer fixed."

Mr Chapman went on to say that many tyre dealers are reporting dealing with motorists who have been driving on dangerously bald tyres.

The news should serve as a warning to all organisations' operating a fleet of company vehicles that there is no excuse for putting off necessary fleet maintenance duties.

If your business is worried about the on-going cost of maintaining company vehicles, it might be worthwhile looking into fleet services which can offer service and maintenance management.

The best fleet service providers can help reduce fleet maintenance expenses by ensuring that work is done on schedule and efficiently, while at the same time providing access to discounted fleet rates for labour, parts and tyres.

By tackling problems early and regularly checking for potential issues with your vehicles, you can reduce the chance that these problems will snowball into something worse down the line. 

At the same time, drivers will have an increased assurance that the vehicles they are operating are safe and roadworthy, and the risk of cars being taken off the road due to an accident or police-issued infringement notice will be significantly reduced.

The MTA is now suggesting that a "police blitz" on defective and dangerous vehicles may be necessary in order to improve the safety of Australian roads.