Motorists must avoid distraction

There are a number of essential things that drivers on Australian roads must do to remain safe - and one of the most important is to avoid distractions.

A new campaign in Queensland aimed at cracking down on distracted driving launched last week (December 23) and aims to remind drivers of the dangers of using their mobile phones behind the wheel.

Scott Emerson, the state's transport and main roads minister, asserted that in a recent poll, 34 per cent of Queensland residents identified distracted driving as one of their main concerns.

As a result, new billboards targeting mobile phone users have been placed along many of the state's key highways. Mr Emerson says he favours the tactic of educating drivers on the dangers of distracted driving than increasing the penalties for this behaviour.

However, he said he will not rule out tougher penalties if they are deemed necessary following the completion of the Queensland Road Safety Action Plan 2013-2015.

Queensland currently has the third-toughest distracted penalties in the country - behind the ACT and Victoria - with fines of $330 and three demerit points taken from drivers who have been caught.

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