Motorists warned of driving distractions

Queensland motorists have been warned of the dangers of driver distractions, with a new safety campaign being launched by the state government.

According to the scheme's official website, the biggest cause of anxiety for Queenslanders on the road is from mobile phones, with over 34 per cent of people listing texting and similar distractions as their top worry.

This was followed by driving tired, which ranked first for more than one-quarter of respondents, and speeding at nearly 19 per cent.

If you are a fleet manager you may want to take note of the results, as driver safety is often a top fleet management concern not just in Queensland, but across the entire nation.

Transport and main roads minister Scott Emerson said previous safety messages haven't been getting through, making this new campaign particularly important.

"This shows we need to change attitudes to match Queensland’s laws, which are some of the toughest in the country for those who choose to drive while distracted," he explained.

"We promised to revitalise front line services and this is the first step in our efforts to drive behavioural change for all road users."

Titled Join the Drive, the $2.2 million scheme is part of the state government's $350 million two-year Road Safety Action Plan, which will have more of a community focus.

Mr Emerson said it was time for a change, with the government looking to move away from the "shock advertisements" of previous years and encourage more engagement.

"It was pleasing to hear the majority of people who were interviewed had already seen or heard of the new campaign," he said.

More than 22,500 people have expressed their support for the campaign, which has garnered more than 6,000 Facebook likes.

Visitors can upload videos offering tips and advice, as well as photos that show their reasons for joining the campaign.