Motorway smart technology installed in Melbourne

Fleet drivers around the busy inner streets of Melbourne are used to slow traffic and long delays, but with the installation of new smart technology the drive should be much easier.

Earlier this week, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss said an electronic motorway management system has been installed on the West Gate Freeway, the 2nd busiest in the city.

The system, similar to the one already operating on the Monash Freeway and the M80 Ring Road, is designed to provide drivers on the motorway with information about whether lanes are open, closed or about to close.

Mr Truss said this 'managed motorway' system has additional features to both improve traffic flow and the increase the safety of thousands of drivers.

"Variable speed limit signs also feature in the new system to allow speed limits to be adjusted up or down to suit traffic conditions," he said.

The system, which cost $25 million to implement, is part of the West Gate Freeway Managed Motorway project and is funded evenly by the Federal and Victorian governments under the National Managed Motorways Programme. 

Victorian Minister for Roads Terry Mulder said eight cameras and 11 gantries had already been installed on the motorway.

"The cameras will feed live vision to the VicRoads Traffic Management Centre for enhanced traffic monitoring," Mr Mulder said.

"By taking advantage of new technology to make our roads smarter, we can reduce congestion and significantly improve road safety across Melbourne's busiest freeways." 

Fleets that use this road on a regular basis should see improvements in their fuel consumption and are also encouraged to install fleet management software.

The software can allows a fleet manager to track where all the vehicles are online so the business can also operate at 100 per cent no matter the traffic.