MP calls for reforms to Australian road toll attitude

Fears that complacency and acceptance of road accidents has become the norm for Australian drivers was highlighted in a recent speech to Parliament by the secretary for roads and regional transport Darren Chester.

Chester called for a renewed sense of enthusiasm and energy to reduce the road toll throughout Australia in a statement released June 4.

In his speech to Parliament on June 3, Chester highlighted the economic and emotional stress the road toll was having.

"The total annual cost of road trauma in economic terms is $27 billion, with 25 people dying and 600 people being seriously injured each week in Australia," Chester told Parliament during his speech.

"Road trauma affects all of us and is an enormous burden on our community. Reducing this burden should be a first order priority for governments, business and private consumers."

Chester said that an attitude of complacency towards road accidents should be met with a sense of urgency, calling for a more holistic approach to reducing the road toll from the government.

He went on to say that if road safety was ranked at the top of Australia's national health priorities, the effect on the country would be a "golden standard" for the global community.

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