New all-electric Kia Soul an option for fleet managers

If you're looking to source new vehicles while cutting down on your fleet's fuel consumption, you may be interested to hear about the latest electric vehicle offering from Kia.

The popular Korean manufacturer has announced that the all-electric version of the Soul is in the latter stages of development and is close to release in overseas markets. This could be great news for the environmentally-conscious fleet manager in Australia wanting a stylish addition to their lineup.

Slated to go on sale around the world in the latter half of 2014, the new Soul is the company's first electrically-driven and emissions-free car outside of Korea.

"The new Soul EV will be at the forefront of Kia's new 'Clean Mobility' program to provide environmentally-friendly transport to our customers around the world when it goes on sale globally next year," Kia Motors Executive Vice-President and COO Thomas Oh said in a November 12 statement.

Mr Oh also noted that while the Soul is the first electric Kia model to be sold to the global market, its development was heavily influenced by the success of its first all-electric vehicle, the Ray EV.

The Ray EV was introduced to the Korean market two years ago as a trial run of Kia's electric car battery. By supplying fleets of the Ray EV to government and public service bodies, Kia helped the car gain "real-world experience of daily operations" and shape the development of future electric models.

Kia has marketed the Soul EV as a more practical, everyday driving solution, suitable for driving around tight city streets as well as on longer distances. The car is able to drive over 200km on a single charge, Kia claims.

Electric vehicles are the latest type of green cars to be taking the world by storm. If you'd like a compact, fuel efficient option for your fleet, the new Kia Soul may be what you're looking for.