New ANCAP ratings set standard for commercial vehicles

How safe is your business fleet? It can be difficult to find the right vehicles to best serve business purposes while still offering the highest level of safety.

That is the purpose of The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP), which has released a new round of crash test results.

Improving the protection both road users and pedestrians receive from manufacturers is something the automotive industry can be proud of. However, according to ANCAP, finding the right commercial vehicle to satisfy safety needs can still be difficult.

Fleet managers will be aware of how strengthening the safety of their vehicles when on the road can pay dividends to staff occupational health and safety. These new results will continue to offer choice for those in the market for passenger vehicles.

The Jeep Patriot 4x2 joined the Cherokee model in being awarded the highest 5-star rating in ANCAP's rigorous crash test.

ANCAP Chairman, Lauchlan McIntosh said: "This is a great result for Jeep. Their first 5 star model was the 2014 Cherokee rated earlier this year and now the Patriot has proven it too is a safe choice for consumers."

Commercial vehicle safety

Mr McIntosh went on to say how passenger vehicles are ahead of some commercial vehicles in terms of safety standards, highlighting how important it is for fleet managers to choose the right vehicle for their fleet.

"Light commercial vehicles (LCVs) are still being afforded regulatory concessions when it comes to safety but there is no reason why LCVs should be built to lesser standards than passenger cars," he said.

So far in 2014, 90 per cent of new passenger vehicles have received a 5-star ANCAP safety rating. Meanwhile, only 55 per cent of LCVs are up to the same safety standard.

This makes choosing the right vehicle essential. With fewer top-scoring models available, it will be up to fleet services to ensure your next new vehicle procurement is up to the standard you expect.