New batch of vehicles earn top ANCAP rating

New safety technology has enabled a number of vehicles to achieve Australasian New Car Assessment Program's (ANCAP) prestigious five star rating in the testing authorities' latest announcement.

When selecting vehicles for fleet services managers needs to look at a number of aspects, but the most important one by far is safety. It is also vital to consider fuel consumption considering the vehicles will be on the road for many hours a day.

The Skoda Rapid, Honda Obyssey and Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid has all been awarded five safety stars with one manufacturer joining these ANCAP veterans with its first appearance on ANCAP's five star rating list.

The new Jeep Cherokee, which launched in Australia this month, is the first Jeep rated by ANCAP to achieve full certification. 

ANCAP Chairman said it was positive to see Jeep make the necessary safety changes for all Australian consumers.

"Jeep is a mainstream brand that has been around for many years but has lagged its competitors in terms of safety," he said

"Having a five star model now available to consumers is a commendable achievement by Jeep."

ANCAP did, however, note some of the safety assist technologies - such as autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and reversing collision avoidance features - were only available on more expensive variants and not on all Jeeps. This was the same for the Skoda, Honda and Nissan.

"Many of these technologies are now widely available in Europe and are working to reduce the number and severity of crashes," he said.

"Their availability in Australasia is however being restricted by manufacturers, many of which are still only offering them to those who are prepared to pay for them as an extra."

For fleet managers investing in new vehicles, it is recommended to install fleet management software as well. The software can track fuel consumption and ensure your fleet is serviced in line with the manufacturer's guidelines.