New campaign highlights dangers of mobile use while driving

While over two-thirds of the driving population have indicated they believe using a mobile phone while driving is dangerous behaviour, 49 per cent of motorists have admitted to making phone calls while driving, according to a statement released June 12 by roads minister Duncan Gay.

Today, Mr Gay launched a new campaign to market safer driving and to help reduce the use of mobile devices while operating a vehicle.

The 'Get Your Hand Off It' campaign makes use of a Youtube video and traditional advertising in an attempt to help raise awareness and lower the incidence of motorists using their devices while behind the wheel.

In a statement, Mr Gay said that it was "reckless and dangerous behaviour" which could be held responsible for a number of disastrous and tragic incidents.

"Holding your mobile phone to call or text while driving is extremely dangerous, and threatens your safety and that of your passengers, other motorists and pedestrians," Mr Gay said.

"It amazes me that people pick up their phone and take their eyes off the road to make and receive calls, send and check texts and emails or check Facebook and Twitter all while they’re at the wheel of a moving vehicle."

Mr Gay said that more than one-third of those surveyed in the 20 - 29 year old age bracket said they texted while driving.

Just under 42,900 infringements were issued by police last year for people using their mobile phone while operating a motor vehicle.

With this new campaign initiated, now could be a good time to have a refresher course with your fleet management to ensure that their drivers are aware of the risks associated with mobile use behind the wheel.

Ensuring that your drivers have a hands-free Bluetooth headset for incoming calls on the road will ensure they don't break the law while working, keeping both themselves and your company out of trouble.