New fast-charging station for electric vehicles launched

Victoria's first fast-charging station for electric vehicles was revealed yesterday (July 4) - a development that should be of some interest to every fleet manager with an interest in green cars and technology.

And it really is fast - it can charge an electric vehicle in just 30 minutes, rather than overnight.

Located at the Hawthorn campus of Swinburne University of Technology, the charging station was launched by Terry Mulder, minister for public transport and roads.

This charging station represents just one small part of Victoria's Electric Vehicle Trial, which is costing the government $5 million.

Mr Mulder said Swinburne is "leading the way" when it comes to research about the pros and cons of electric vehicles, so their Hawthorn campus is the perfect spot for this state-of-the-art charging station.

He added that the government is on board with electric vehicles, recognising the advantages and long-term benefits they will have for not only Victoria's transport system, but also the environment.

The Electric Vehicle Trial will be running until the middle of next year, and has been designed to help the government better understand "the process, timelines and barriers for transitioning to electric vehicle technologies", according to the Department of Transport.

This trial began in October 2010. Since then, 139 charging outlets have been installed around Melbourne, and electric vehicles being used as part of the trial have travelled over 300,000 kilometres.

A report was released on the trial when it reached the half-way mark. It revealed that by 2040, Victoria could be $20 billion better off if electric vehicles are adopted.

However, concerns about charging, range and cost have always made them a little less appealing to individuals and fleet managers alike.

The launch of this fast-charging station marks a massive step toward removing these concerns.