New Holden Trax to hit the market in September

If you're looking for a compact Australian SUV to add a local flavour to your fleet, the perfect car may be available next month.

Holden will soon be rolling out its Trax in dealerships around the country, providing an affordable and stylish option suitable for any fleet manager in Australia.

It's a distinctively Holden car inside and out - Australian engineers played a huge part in the development of the vehicle, according to an August 13 media release.

The result is an SUV that is suited to Australian driving conditions and is kind on fuel consumption.

Maria Koutsimpiris, Holden director of planning and program management, said that taking this approach was the best way to appeal to both local and international markets.

"Our engineers led the calibration development of multiple Trax engine and transmission combinations for more than 20 markets around the globe, including Australia," she said.

"Trax benefits from a set up that is designed to suit Australian driver preferences and strikes the best balance between enthusiastic performance and drive quality - a balance that is also well regarded in other markets around the world."

In addition to being a car that suits any driver or road, the Trax is a safe choice, earning a five-star rating from ANCAP.

With frontal, side and head airbags and an overall safety score of 35.18 out of 37, the Trax is set to be one of the safest compact SUVs on the market.

The car will be available in Holden dealerships in Australia early next month, and prices will start from just $23,490 for the LS Manual model.