New innovation makes parking easier

A team of South Korean scientists have developed an electric micro car that can fold itself in half as it parks. 

The Armadillo-T is only a prototype at this stage, as it is not deemed road legal in South Korea, but it is one in a long line of environmentally friendly developments targeted at drivers in big cities where parking is an issue.

These developments are no doubt being watched carefully by those in charge of fleet management in Australian companies, as parking spots have become prime real estate in the larger cities.

South Korea's Armadillo-T features a Microsoft Windows computer system so drivers are able to use a smartphone app to tell it to park itself, taking the stress out of fitting into a small space. No doubt many drivers who take out company cars will be relieved this is the future of car parking.

Once the driver has exited the vehicle and commanded it to park, the back end of the vehicle folds over to cover the front half, reducing its length by half to 1.65 metres.

The car is then able to squeeze into a gap one third the size of an average Korean car park.

Other innovations include digital cameras that are hooked up to a flat-screen in the front of the vehicle so drivers get a view of the back and sides of the car.

It is designed without wing mirrors so drivers only need to rely on the cameras, one of many consumer-friendly developments.

Rear view cameras are becoming increasingly popular with car manufacturers and are a great safety feature, because some modern cars are designed in a way that makes it difficult to see what is behind the vehicle, putting young children, in particular, at risk.

The vehicle is one of many green cars designed specifically for use in bigger cities. The Armadillo-T can travel for around 100km after a 10 minute fast charge and can reach a maximum speed of 60km/hr.