New mobile application provides NSW traffic information

Transport for NSW has announced the release of a new mobile application for drivers, which will offer personalised alerts and information regarding traffic conditions in the state.

Motorists using the application will be able to set up specific travel routes for journeys they frequently take - such as from home to the office - and will be notified automatically of any congestion or unusual delays that may affect them.

NSW roads minister Duncan Gay has encouraged motorists to try out the applications, although has reminded them about the rules regarding safely using a cell phone while driving.

"These apps are great tools for planning a trip but remember it’s illegal to use your phone while driving so anyone who wants to use them will have to agree to a road safety pledge before being able to access them," said Mr Gay in a statement released March 11.

The application features two different settings - 'Driving Mode' and 'Passenger Mode' - with the first being limited to purely audio messages, while the second will also receive text messages.

"If you have a smart phone, I encourage you to download our apps or bookmark the mobile site. You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter," said Mr Gay.

This story is an example of how motorists can utilise the latest technological developments - such as smartphone applications - in order to make day to day driving easier.

If you are a fleet manager in NSW, it may be worthwhile considering encouraging your employees to utilise these official applications in order to reduce the amount of time they spend in traffic and fuel consumption.

Another way in which fleet managers can capitalise on technology and look to minimise fleet expenses is by investing in sophisticated fleet management software.

Fleet management software is an invaluable tool in analysing and evaluating fleet performance, and can also assist in improving overall productivity and efficiency.