New point-to-point speed cameras announced for South Australia

South Australian fleet drivers will need to be on the lookout for four new point-to-point speed cameras in the coming months, following an announcement from the state government.

Earlier this year, the state installed two of the speed detection systems on the Dukes Highway and Port Wakefield Road to great success. In fact, in the first month after becoming operational close to 300 speed offences were recorded at the locations.

Point-to-point cameras offer authorities a new tool to improve road safety and catch speeders. Across a given area, two cameras collaborate to calculate a driver's average speed between the points. The cameras can also detect high speeds at either of the locations.

As such, Road Safety Minister Tony Piccolo has advised four additional point-to-point cameras will be installed shortly. Locations for these new cameras include the Northern Expressway, the South Eastern Freeway, the Sturt Highway and Victor Harbor Road.

He said these locations were chosen because of their history as high-risk crash areas.

"Over 40,000 vehicles travel daily on these four roads and there have sadly been 34 fatalities and 168 serious injuries between 2009 and 2013," he said.

"The speed that a vehicle is travelling, regardless of whether or not speed itself caused the accident, has the greatest impact on the severity of the crash."

The cameras on Victor Harbor Road and the Sturt Highway are expected to be installed by the end of the month with the others to follow. After testing and installation is complete, all four point-to-point systems will be operational early next year.

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