New road rules to take effect in New South Wales

If you are a fleet manager with vehicles operating in New South Wales, you may want to take this opportunity to remind drivers that several new road rules will be coming into effect in the state on November 1.

The most notable of these includes new laws regarding mobile phones, with drivers now forbidden from using their mobiles while driving unless they are not required to touch or manipulate the phone in any way.

This will apply whether the vehicle is in motion or stationary (unless parked) with any driver found violating the new law subject to a penalty of three demerit points and a fine of $298.

Other laws brought into effect on November 1 include drivers now being required to signal for a sufficient period of time before entering a roundabout and changes to when drivers are permitted to make U-turns.

The commander of the New South Wales Police Force’s Traffic and Highway Patrol, assistant commissioner John Hartley, believes that the changes will help reduce confusion relating to existing road rules and the use of mobile phones when driving.

"We continue to recommend that you refrain from using your phone whenever you are behind the wheel," said Mr Hartley in a statement issued October 31.

"However, if you must talk while driving, make sure the phone is mounted or wirelessly accessible via Bluetooth, and keep the conversation short."

Centre for Road Safety general manager Marg Prendergast says that road rules are all about achieving a balance between safety and traffic flow.

"We work closely with our police partners to develop rules which are practical and enforceable," said Ms Prendergast.

Anybody in charge of operating a fleet of company vehicles and who wants to do their part to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible may want to link drivers to this flier, which details the new road rules in full.