New speed camera for busy WA freeway

Speeding drivers in any Australian state put the safety of all motorists at risk. However, Western Australia is hoping that a new fixed-speed camera reverses some of the poor statistics of recent years.

The state's fifth fixed camera was unveiled on Sunday (July 27) and is now operational at Murdoch, along the Kwinana Freeway northbound. As some drivers can avoid traditional speed cameras by slowing down once they notice the camera, the new fixed-speed cameras calculate speed over a much larger distance.

The cameras, located between the Farrington Road on-ramp and the South Street off-ramp, work in tandem to catch speeding drivers in three areas - before the first camera, between them and after the second camera. This is also WA's first site with dual cameras that have the ability to capture both the front and back of vehicles.

Police Minister Liza Harvey explained the cameras have been needed in this area for many years.

"Since 1995, there have been six fatal crashes and a further 25 serious crashes along this stretch of the freeway," she said.

"I'm pleased to announce that this camera is operational from today.  It's the final element of the Enhanced Speed Enforcement Program, and has been built following successful system and user testing."

WA Police tested this area extensively before these cameras were installed. Ms Harvey said that 18 per cent of vehicles were over the limit, including two vehicles that were travelling 146 km/h and 179 km/h.

"Speeding on any level is unacceptable and dangerous," she concluded.

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