New speed cameras on South Australia highways

Speeding fleet drivers are set to be caught by four new point-to-point speed cameras that will be in operation on South Australian highways.

According the state government, two cameras (in both directions) will operate on a 13km section of the Dukes Highway between Coonalpyn and Kiki. The other two cameras will be located on a 51km section of Port Wakefield Road between Two Wells and Port Wakefield.

Point-to-point cameras are slightly different from normal speeding cameras. The two cameras operate in tandem, analysing a driver's average speed between the points.

It is important to also remember that the cameras can detect vehicle speed individually at each point as well. So if a driver is speeding at the beginning of the section and has lowered their speed when visible on the second camera, they will still be caught.

Road Safety Minister Tony Piccolo explained that the cameras are necessary to reduce the road toll as well as slowing down speeding motorists.

"Between 2009 and 2013, 17 people died on the Dukes Highway and 12 people died on Port Wakefield Road. One death on our roads is too many and important initiatives like this save lives."

South Australia's road toll stands at 46 so far this year, slightly behind the 54 at the same period last year.

The cameras will be in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week in an attempt to replicate other successes across the state. According to research, locations with point-to-point camera experience a 50 per cent decrease in fatal and serious crashes.

Mr Piccolo said other South Australian locations will also soon have speed cameras.

"More point-to-point cameras will soon be operational on Victor Harbor Road, Sturt Highway, South Eastern Freeway and the Northern Expressway," he concluded.

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