Nissan continues its pioneering role in safety

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has further underlined its status as an innovator in the field of car safety with the release of two new technologies.

In an August 22 media release, Nissan announced that it has developed advanced sensors that monitor the car's surroundings and an enhanced artificial intelligence interface.

The two technologies are being demonstrated on the eco-friendly Nissan LEAF EV, which makes the car a safe option - both structurally and environmentally - for any fleet manager.

The sensors are made up of laser scanners that work in tandem with monitor cameras to allow a 360-degree view of any hazards in the car's vicinity.

It also picks up other important signals such as road signs.

This information is then passed on to the car's artificial intelligence system, which allows it to react promptly and accordingly.

Such autonomous assistance will likely prove vital in a range of real-world scenarios, for example when merging with or overtaking traffic and coming across unexpectedly closed highway lanes.

The new technologies are an extension of the company's existing Safety Shield set of features, which aim to create a safe bubble around the vehicle with the help of monitors and control assistance.

Safety Shield is an initiative by Nissan's Research and Development to promote a collision-free driving environment.

These new developments will further enhance the reputation of Nissan's lineup, which already boasts an array of ANCAP five-star rated models on the market such as the Pulsar, DUALIS and Juke, in addition to green cars such as the LEAF.

Investing in such safe and sound options for your fleet will give you peace of mind as a fleet manager with the reassurance that your drivers are protected on the roads.