Nissan LEAF tops 100,000 global sales

The Nissan LEAF reinforced its status as the world's best-selling electric vehicle after it recently reached a new sales milestone.

Nissan announced on January 20 that worldwide sales of the LEAF reached a total of 100,000 units since the car was introduced in 2010. With an unmatched claim of 45 per cent market share, there is no doubt sales of the LEAF will continue well into the future.

The Japanese manufacturer revealed that the buyer of the 100,000th LEAF is British dentist Dr Brett Garner.

"I have chosen my Nissan LEAF because I am very interested in its running costs," he told Nissan.

"The cost of ownership such as maintenance, insurance and charging also convinced my wife. She had the experience of driving 500 miles in a borrowed LEAF and the low cost was remarkable."

It's not just the low running costs that make the LEAF an appealing option for any fleet manager. As the world's first mass-produced zero-emissions vehicle, it also leads the green cars market and is a great choice for the environmentally-conscious.

"Natural beauty and history are very important for me, but I often drive a car because it is necessary for life. That is why I have chosen 100 per cent zero emission Nissan LEAF," said Buddhist priest Wasei Hirai, one of the first ever buyers of the LEAF.

"The Nissan LEAF driven by electricity produces zero emissions, no sound, and no vibration. That new type of driving car attracted me."

Having now confirmed its position as the dominant player in the passenger EV market, Nissan has already announced plans to branch out into light commercial vehicles with the impending launch of the e-NV200 electric van this year - representing yet another option for fleet managers looking to cut down on fuel consumption.