Nissan shows flexibility by expanding zero emissions reach

Already a pioneer of green cars with its best-selling LEAF, Nissan is proving its commitment to its zero emissions scheme by extending its reach into a variety of car segments.

The Nissan LEAF has commanded a significant share of the consumer electric vehicle market for some time, enjoying over 87,000 sales to date, according to Nissan. With the Japanese manufacturer's recent announcement that production of its first electric commercial vehicle, the e-NV200 van, is set to commence in the middle of next year, it is on course to dominate the commercial fleet segment as well.

But what about the other electric vehicles that Nissan has in store for the near future?

It appears even the sports car segment can benefit from revolutionary zero emissions technology as well. Nissan unveiled its BladeGlider concept at the recent Tokyo Motor Show, an "aerodynamically-focused" car that promises to take driving entertainment to a whole new level.

Utilising the same technology as the more conservative LEAF, the BladeGlider is a serious statement of intent from Nissan as it sets out to establish a foothold in the motorsports industry. According to a November 20 media release, the BladeGlider is due to make its debut at next year's 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race.

For the fleet manager looking for something a bit more practical for everyday business use, Nissan's latest foray into the autonomous driving trend will certainly be of interest.

Nissan has revamped its LEAF by fusing its sustainable practices with its Autonomous Drive technology, in an attempt to align its "zero fatalities" goal with its existing zero emissions initiatives. The company noted that electric vehicles are particularly well-suited to self-driving technology as a lot of the devices involved rely on electric power.

With Nissan expanding its zero emissions technology into additional car segments, fleet managers and casual drivers alike will have an increasing pool of environmentally friendly cars to choose from.