No more registration stickers for light vehicles in NSW

The New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has confirmed that from January 1 2013, drivers in the state will no longer be required to display registration stickers on light vehicles.

In a statement released November 29, a spokesperson for the RMS said that the change will not only benefit the residents of NSW but also help improve environmental efficiency as well.

"The retirement of registration stickers will simplify the registration process for customers, significantly reduce costs for fleet operators and car rental companies and provide savings to the NSW government and the community of about $575,000 per year," said the spokesperson.

"There is also the environmental benefit of reduced wastage of registration sticker stocks."

Any fleet manager in NSW looking to further simplify the process of fleet vehicle registration may want to consider investing in fleet management software.

Because software for fleet management can be programmed to automatically generate alerts when registrations are set to expire, it is perfect for ensuring that vehicles remain road legal at all times.

Road users in NSW will still be required to display their registration sticker until New Year's Day, after which point it can be removed at the car owner's discretion.

The remainder of the registration process will stay the same, and heavy penalties will still apply to any driver caught operating a vehicle without registration.

"There will be no change to the registration process other than the retirement of stickers and customers are reminded registration renewals will still need to be paid by the due date to avoid enforcement action," noted the spokesperson.

According to the RMS, high tech number recognition cameras will now be used by the NSW police in order to identify any vehicles which are being used without registration.