NSW drivers have more accidents than any other state

Businesses operating a fleet of company vehicles in New South Wales may want to consider investing in fleet services which offer accident management and 24/7 roadside assistance, if new statistics from AAMI are anything to go by. 

According to the 2012 AAMI Crash Index, drivers in NSW have more accidents than those in any other state, with the majority being caused by a tendency not to pay enough attention on the roads.

Nose-to-tail accidents are the most common, at 30.4 per cent, while failed to give way accidents (23.2 per cent) are also frequent.
Nearly one fifth of reported accidents are parked car dings, while collisions with stationary object and collisions while reversing made up the rest of the top five most common crashes in NSW.

"With NSW having so much of its population living in cities and driving in high-traffic areas, its perhaps not surprising that a lot of accidents involve one car going in to the back of another," said AAMI spokesperson Reuben Aitchison in a statement issued September 19.

"It is a point of shame that NSW drivers have more accidents than any other state because either they can’t judge safe distances, or decide it’s worth risking their and other road users’ safety by trying to sneak in front of another car just to save a few seconds."

Those numbers match up with the overall trend throughout Australia, although crashes in NSW are 2.3 per cent more likely to be nose to tail accidents then throughout the rest of the country.

The 2012 Crash Index also revealed that Queenslanders have a tendency to collide with parked cars and stationary objects, with 39.3 per cent of all crashes in the Sunshine State falling under these categories.

However Tasmania takes the cake in this department - more than half of crashes recorded by AAMI in this state are with parked cars and stationary objects, a fact Mr Atchison attributes to a lower population and emptier roads.

The statistics are an indication that accidents can occur in any location and under any circumstances, and should act as a reminder of just how valuable fleet services that offer a 24 hour a day accident management service can be.